Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warming Up those Winter Blues

Contributer: Alanna Bouhl, Marketing Intern

You know that feeling after New Year’s, when the holiday excitement has worn off, you seem tired all of the time, and you’re unmotivated to study or even go to class? You’re sick of winter dragging on and spring break can’t come soon enough. If this sounds familiar, you might be experiencing the winter blues. Luckily, I have some tips on how to spark your semester:

 To curb the winter blues try these creative options!

·         Walk! Walk to class, the gym, the grocery, wherever! Getting outside and breathing fresh air and getting your heart pumping will help clear your mind and cheer you up.

·         Have a Support System! Utilize your friends, professors’ office hours, and The Study. We are here for you!

·         Come to The Study! Enjoy our new and expanded space for quiet studying areas or stop in during free peer tutoring. The Study is also here for you with Individual Academic Consolations, giving you the opportunity to discuss any academic stressors.

·         Open your blinds. Letting in the daylight will help boost your mood almost immediately. Sun is one of the best natural sources of vitamin D.

·         Unplug from Social Media. This is a good stress eliminator. Even if it’s just for a day, taking away this distraction will help you focus less on what everyone else is doing and focus more on your own priorities.

·         Make To-Do Lists! Your brain loves lists. This will jump start your organization and reaching goals. Work on projects daily, even if for a few minutes. Try working on the toughest tasks to first that way you work towards the easier ones.

·         Structure your Schedule. Discover and utilize your prime mental time. Know when your best times for studying are and arrange them into your weekly schedule. Designate times for reading, review, breaks, and organization.

·         Reward Yourself! Whether it’s a weekend get away, spring break or just a shopping trip with your friends, having something to look forward to will help lighten your mood and make you happier.

·         Get Plenty of RestGetting a healthy amount of sleep, regularly, will help eliminate the tired and lethargic feeling. Try 20 minute power naps.

·         Get Involved! UK currently has 444 student organizations. Connect with your peers, check out a new interest group, or get reacquainted with an old hobby!

·         Exercise! What better way to get those natural endorphins flowing than working out? It will energize you, relieve stress and is an awesome mood booster. Plus you will get a kicking bod!

·         Most importantly, be positive! Nothing makes life better than a positive attitude and it will help you get through times when you’re feeling a little blue.

Try some of the tips to lighten your mood and triumphantly tackle the stretch between the holidays and spring break! 

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