Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Student Spotlight- Laura McGehee

With her contagious smile, bubbly attitude, and can do approach; Laura McGehee is our student spotlight of the month! Laura is a marketing intern at Academic Enhancement, and was an intern for Nike over the summer. Laura graduates this May and is willing to move anywhere as long as they offer her a job.

NAME: Laura McGehee       

MAJOR: Marketing, Communications Minor

HOMETOWN: Lakeside Park, KY

CLUBS/EXTRA CURRICULAR: SAAC, 3 year member of Women’s Golf team, Lexington Humane Society, managing my fitness website

HOBBIES: Running, reading, sports of any kind, animals, photography

FAVORITE FOOD: Mashed potatoes

MUSIC: A variety but mainly rap.  Drake is my favorite


PET: Family West Highland Terrier- Chloe


COLOR: Purple

HOLIDAY: Christmas Eve

BEST PLACE TRAVELED TO: Portland Oregon for internship with Nike

MOST DARING MOMENT: Singing karaoke horribly whenever I get the chance

WHY UK: Came to play golf and attend as many basketball games as possible!

FAVORITE CLASS AT UK: Anthropology- really opened my eyes to the world outside of Kentucky

FAVORITE PLACE TO STUDY: William T. Young Library in a “quiet” cubby

FAVORITE TEACHER: Cynthia Isenhour who taught Anthropology at UK

ADVICE TO OTHERS AT UK:  Get involved and meet as many people as you can.  I meet two new people in every class to ensure I am getting the most of the social and academic world.

LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: Would like to pursue PR or Marketing ANYWHERE in the country.

WHY DOES SHE LIKE WORKING AT THE STUDY: I have gotten to meet wonderful people and broaden my skills in social media, design programs, and marketing in general.

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