Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas

Written by Laura McGehee, Marketing Intern

February marks a popular holiday for those in a relationship. Buying flowers, chocolates, and gifts can get expensive, so we have come up with some ideas for creative and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts and dates!

·         A box full of compliments or inspirational quotes- Great for a sensitive partner or someone who enjoys a good pick-me-up
·         Personalized m&ms- Put your anniversary or partners initials on these tasty treats
·         Coupons- Create a booklet containing coupons for anything from a home-cooked dinner to a back rub.  Extremely inexpensive yet thoughtful
·         Scavenger hunt- Create a scavenger hunt that sends your partner searching for his/her favorite goodies or to an ending point where you wait.  You can design it any way you like and your partner will be sure to appreciate your effort
·         Bake cookies or a heart shaped cake- A small but tasty gesture
·         Dinner at home- Getting a reservation at a nice restaurant can be a hassle and extremely pricey.  Take the time to look up your significant other’s favorite dish or a delicious recipe online or in a cookbook.  Homemade pizzas or sundaes make for an inexpensive and delicious meal
·         Fondue- Regular or even chocolate!
·         Gift basket filled with treats or gadgets- Gift baskets can be designed to accommodate any type of personality.  From the candy lovers to the movie buffs, creating a caring gift basket is an extremely easy gift
·         Ice skating- An alternative date that is fun and exciting
·         Picture frame- Find an old picture of you and your partner or take a new photo to frame
·         Gag gifts- Not every couple enjoys the stereotypical sappiness of Valentine’s Day.  If you and your partner like to make this holiday a little less serious, go for a funny gift that will have you two laughing
·         Favorite movie- You don’t have to pay $10 to see the latest flick in theaters! Head to a Redbox or search through a roommate’s movie collection to find a movie both of you will like
·         First date do over- If you have been with your significant other for awhile, take him/her back to where you had your first date
·         Cooking or dance class- A nonconventional date idea that could be beneficial for the both of you
·         Enlist the help of his/her friends and family- Plan the surprise your significant other is hoping for by asking friends or family members for ideas he/she will like
·         Playlist- Burn a playlist of songs you think he/she may like or ones that have meaning to the both of you
·         Make it Valentine’s week- Celebrate all week with small surprises for each other.  They don’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just a small reminder each day of your love
·         Get roses in her favorite color- Red roses are great, but getting flowers that are her favorite color can be more thoughtful
·         Make a memory box- Gather old ticket stubs or pictures and create a memory box for the time you have spent together
·         Complete a chore the other person hates to do- If your significant other hates to pump gas or grocery shop, offer to help them accomplish a dreaded task with your assistance
·         Surprises for a year- A cute idea I found via Pinterest: Put 12 envelopes in a basket, each one containing a surprise date request that the person can redeem once a month! Thoughtful and extremely creative
·         Indoor picnic- It may not be warm enough to dine outdoors, but a picnic can be made in the comfort of your dorm, house, or apartment
·         Anti-Valentine’s Day- Watch scary movies or comedies instead of your typical “chick flick”
·         Celebrate on a different day- Cheaper flowers and a less crowded restaurant may be a smart route for you and your mate.  Who says you can only celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th?

Don’t have a Valentine this year? Take this time to remind your friends and family how much you adore them.  These people can be just as important as a significant other and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Good luck in your search for the perfect Valentine’s plans and remember, no matter what you do, give from the heart.

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