Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring Break Safety Tips!

Alex Newby, Marketing Intern

With the first round of exams over and the second soon approaching, students across campus are counting down the days until Spring Break 2012. Whether you’ll be caravanning to Fort Lauderdale or jet-setting to the west coast, here are some tips to help get you back to UK safe, sound, and with all your belongings.

For the Road trippers: 

Buckle up! Although it can get uncomfortable during the long ride, a safety belt could help save your life in the event of a wreck.

If driving through the night, always keep an alert “Co-Captain” in the passenger seat to help you stay awake.

Don’t stop at sketchy, half-lit gas stations, and be sure to get out and stretch every once in awhile. 

If you like coffee, look up some Coffee shops on your route and stop every once in awhile for a pick me up! Even superwoman can’t drive 15 hours without a little espresso!

The Cruisers:

If you and your friends have chosen an island getaway, make sure to stay in groups! Getting separated both on and off the boat can be dangerous.   

Be responsible when getting off the ship at different ports and don’t bring anything too flashy. Unsuspecting tourists can be easy targets for local pick pockets. 

Use your common sense! Most port cities are a little more dangerous outside of the “touristy” area near the ship so try and stay around the parts where you feel safe.

The Stay-at-homers:
Even if you’re only going home from a couple of days to relax or pick up a few shifts at work, even YOU can take some steps towards a safer spring break. If you’re leaving Lexington, make sure your windows and doors are locked at your apartment and/or house. With a lot of students out of town, college neighborhoods become easy targets for burglaries and that is the LAST thing you want to come home to after a great week!

Positive choices and common sense can go a long way for every spring breaker this year.

Be responsible if you decide to drink. Know your limits and re-fuel your body with water and snacks if you’re going to be out on the beach for long periods of time.

Wear sunscreen! You DON’T want to burn your first day out and spend the week inside and miserable.

Make sure to memorize the location of your hotel or condo in case you get separated from your group and have everyone’s cell phone numbers.

Lastly, make a plan before you go. Know your boundaries and expectations for the trip. Have a “code-word” for when you aren’t having fun or want to leave a situation. By talking to your friends before hand, you can relax and enjoy the week away!

Here’s to an unforgettable (and safe!) Spring Break! 

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