Thursday, February 27, 2014

Willy T 2.0

Brianna Brents, Marketing Intern

As a student at the University of Kentucky, chances are you’ve spent your fair share of time in the William T. Young Library, or “Willy T.” However, you may not be aware of the updates and changes over the last few years, especially in The Hub. The Hub, as you may know, is located in the basement of the library. The great thing about The Hub is that not only do you have a space to study or work with groups, but there are also a variety of resources offered in one place.

The Media Depot, located in the south wing of The Hub, is the go-to place if you need to work on media projects, edit videos, or work with Adobe programs. Students have access to recording equipment, multimedia software, and even a green room. The first time I visited the media depot, I loved having experienced students, or media helpers, as they are called, available to explain how to use the equipment and help with editing. Having someone there to help guide me through the editing process and give constructive criticism made completing my project a lot less stressful. If you need to gain more experience in broadcast, editing, or design, take advantage of this service. Here you will find instructional videos featuring the media helpers, which breakdown step-by-step instructions for every resource in the depot. For hours of operation visit the Media Depot’s website.

If you are ever in the library and realize you need a laptop, you can go to the Audio and Visual Service desk, where you can check out a laptop with your student I.D. for up to four hours. There are also viewing rooms, which can be used as private study rooms or movie screenings for class assignments. Also, if you’ve missed a video shown in class and need to make it up, you can check with AV Services to see if they have that specific film on file; there are over 10,000 DVD’s available to checkout.

Tech Help @ The Hub is another service that I encourage everyone to take advantage of. When my link blue account wasn’t syncing with my email, and when my hard drive failed on my laptop, I went to Tech Help for support. In addition to providing these services, they help with account set up, mobile device configuration, software downloads and installation, and even virus protection assistance. All of these services, except hard drive repair, are free for full-time students. However, Tech Help prices for hard drive repair are very reasonable compared to going off campus for help.     

Last but not least, The Hub is also home to The Writing Center. You may remember the Writing Center being on the 5th floor of the library, but it has a new home in room B108 of The Hub. Whether its reports, posters, slide presentations, or even creating a website, the Writing Center is available to help with every stage of the composing and communicating process. The Writing Center consultants are helpful because they work with you to make your assignments even better. Having peer consultants there is a plus because they have been in your shoes, and they can relate to having research papers or creative essays to write.

As you can see, The Hub is home to a lot of great resources and services. Next time you’re in Willy T. don’t forget to check out The Hub and take advantage of these resources. Click here to take the virtual tour!

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