Friday, February 28, 2014

The Evolution of Fashion: UK Student Trends

Madalena Pierangelino, Marketing Intern
Fashion is forever evolving. This spring, you can expect to find old trends like “Bean Boots” resurfacing, lots of colorful pullovers and many other new trending items. I’m no fashion expert; but whether you’re a guy or girl, you are bound to see these UK staple fashion items on campus. 

Let’s take a look at the latest clothing and accessory trends. 

Rain boots and riding boots will still make plenty of appearances on campus, but what people call “Bean Boots” have started to take over as a way to battle Lexington’s unpredictable weather. Popular among both guys and girls, the shoes are perfect for the snow or rain because their rubber soles add traction, some are insulated, and they have high ankles made of leather. The fact that they come in black, brown and navy blue means they basically go with every outfit. And, you can add long, colorful socks for extra protection and flare. 

Leggings continue to be the “pants” of choice for girls on campus (guys have yet to catch onto this trend, for obvious reasons.) There is still an on-going debate on whether leggings should actually be considered pants, which is why how you wear them fully depends on the circumstances. The thin ones are great for class when paired with a big top or sweater. Athletic ones can double as gym pants or class pants. Leggings made with leather or that have tribal designs can even be worn out. This trend may never go out of style with their inherent comfort and versatility, just make sure they fit the occasion.  

Sprit Jerseys
Spirit jerseys will soon flood the campus with color. Spirit jerseys are oversized long-sleeved t-shirts that have big, overflowing font on the back. They are popular among sororities, but there are generic ones that say “Kentucky” as well. Wear them to class with leggings, or even get a UK blue one to wear to a basketball game (I guess they are called “spirit” jerseys for a reason.) 

The pullover-style jackets, or quarter zips, are keeping lots of students cozy. There are various brands, such as North Face, Columbia and the most popular, Patagonia. If you want to lay low, there are tons of neutral colors to choose from; if you want to add a splash of color to the giant sea of blue, there are also bright colors and patterns.

You name it, and you can monogram it. From sweatshirts, t-shirts with the “frockets” (or front pockets, see pink shirt), purses to the sleeves of men’s dress shirts, there is no limit to the items you can put your initials on. Needlepoint belts are one popular monogramable accessory, especially among those in Greek life. Lots of guys wear them, because you can personalize the design, stitch it yourself and then have it sent to you. A couple of local places in Lexington that cater to this are Eye of the Needle and M’s Canvas House. Or, order from designs that already exist

Ray-Ban sunglasses, in aviator or wayfarer style, can complete a look. Attach some colorful Croakies to make sure you don’t lose them. You can also add a scarf—infinity scarves made of lighter materials make a perfect accessory on those awkward its-neither-hot-nor-cold days. Infinity scarves are easy to wear. They are just one circle of fabric that you place over your head, and voilà! Another trend to watch out for is gold jewelry, which is becoming much more prominent and seems to reflect the energy that spring brings. Big gold watches, “stacks” of gold bracelets, or gold accents on shoes are just a few items you’ll see. Water bottles, like Camelback or Contigo, are common companions of students, as well. This trend is a win-win—the reusable container makes a positive impact on the environment, and students stay hydrated.  

Some of these styles may be resurrections from the 1970’s, and others may be revolutionary ideas, but either way UK students love them. Next time you’re on your way to class, take a look at the outfits around you. If you don’t feel like joining, start your own trend. Maybe you’ll be featured in the next blog!
To give you a visual of some of these styles, here is a collection of outfits that a typical student might wear.

To see more UK inspired outfits, check out our Pinterest page!


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