Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Social Media Etiquette

Amanda Gerakos, Marketing Intern

College is a time for meeting life-long friends, having the time of your life, and oh yeah… working towards your degree. But, if you’re like me, you are not just working towards a degree — you’re working your butt off for your dream job. However, before we actually have that degree in our hands, it is time to actually start searching and applying for our dream jobs. The days of your resume being the only way employers learned anything about you are gone. Future employers are now, more than ever, searching Google and social media to find out who we really are; it’s almost like our social media has become our “virtual resume”.  In fact, my boss has told me that when she was offered her first job out of college, she was asked to befriend the employer on Facebook before they could officially offer her the position. Is your Facebook and other social media platforms currently up to the challenge of impressing top-notch employers?

That isn’t to say that you can’t use social media to your advantage to grab the attention of future employers — you can. It is important to showcase your interests and accomplishments on your social media. Hiring managers normally look at applicants’ social media to get a better feel of who you are as a person, not just to dig up dirt. That being said, social media can easily ruin any chances you may have with a potential employer. To be sure that your social media doesn’t cost you a job in the future: follow these do’s and don’ts.

  • Over-share (your future employer doesn’t want to know about your bowel movements)
  • Friend request people you don’t know (unless it’s on LinkedIn and you’re interested in a certain company)
  • Vent about work or your boss
  • Post anything with nudity
  • Curse
  • Post anything illegal
  • Post controversial opinions just to stir the pot
  • Post while under the influence
  • Use bad grammar
  • Go off the radar for long periods of time
  • Allow your friends to tag you in inappropriate pictures or statuses- there is a Facebook setting that allows you to review all posts before they go on your timeline

  • Show your personality through your posts
  • Upload appropriate photos
  • Post articles that you think are interesting
  • Engage, and keep your social media updated
  • Share positive experiences- traveling abroad, participating in DanceBlue, etc.
  •  Make sure information on your social media matches your application and resume information
  • Create a LinkedIn account if you don’t already have one
  •  Post articles that relate to your industry or interests (especially on LinkedIn)
  • Find out your Klout if you are interested in the marketing/social media industry
  • Remember that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram showcase your more personal side, compared to LinkedIn which showcases your professional side
  • Use LinkedIn to network and build connections with people in your industry
  • Feel free to delete any negative comments that people may make on anything you post

Remember, think before you post. You don’t want your dream job slipping between your fingertips because of a late night rant. I would encourage you to start cleaning up your social media as soon as possible. You may be shocked and maybe even a little embarrassed to find what your younger self posted, or what your friends may have tagged you in. Working hard and earning good grades can take you far, but bad social media can ruin your hard work. Make sure to use your social media to your advantage by following these tips.

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