Thursday, February 20, 2014

Going to The Study?

Amanda Gerakos, Marketing Intern

I went through the first half of my freshman year without knowing what Academic Enhancement’s, The Study was. People all around me were talking about this free tutoring program, but I had never been to any type of tutoring before. I was intimidated to think about going to get tutored. To me, tutoring meant that you were failing a class or falling behind and you were required to go get help. I learned later that the Peer Tutoring Program was very different from my original thoughts about tutoring. The goal is to enhance students' academic experience as early and as often as possible. The Study is a place where students go to use tutoring proactively in order to stay on top of their grades and avoid failing altogether.

When my first Chemistry exam didn’t go as I’d hoped, I decided it was time to venture to The Study. Since I lived in the dorms on south campus, it wasn’t too far of a walk. I was anxious going for the first time. It was like walking into the cafeteria as a new student and not knowing anyone. There were tables full of students everywhere, and when I walked up, a girl sitting at the desk asked me to sign in with my student ID. I fumbled with my backpack to find my ID and then I signed in for Chemistry. I had no idea where I was going and the desk worker sensed my confusion. She gave me exact directions to get to the Chemistry tutors, and I easily figured out who the tutors were because the tutors were all wearing bright green shirts with “STAFF” on the back.

My first visit was all it took to make me a regular at The Study. I sat down with one of the Chemistry tutors and they helped me finish all of my homework on time. Instead of just telling me what the answers were, the tutors helped me work through each of my problems, and I actually learned how to do them. All of the tutors that work at The Study have gotten either an A or B in the course at UK that they are tutoring. This really helped because the tutor knew exactly what the homework looked like and gave great tips on how to study for the exam. Plus, it was such an easygoing atmosphere that I felt comfortable staying for hours to get my work done. In fact, I came back to receive tutoring every week for my other subjects, and my grades really started improving.  After that one visit, it was no longer intimidating to go into tutoring, and I knew exactly what to do when I came in and where to go. I even started coming and doing my homework by myself, just in case I had any questions while working on it. It became a study space for me, and not just a place to get tutoring. Learning from my experience, I don’t want students to be intimidated by the prospect of going to The Study just because they have never been before.

Over the years I have grown to love The Study, I would go regularly to receive tutoring, especially my freshman and sophomore year. I loved the atmosphere of The Study, and the tutors always seemed to really enjoy their jobs, so I applied to be a tutor. I was hired as a MA 111 tutor and worked as a tutor for two semesters. I really loved helping people learn and improve their grades. Then when it came time for me to start applying for internships, I of course decided to stay in the Academic Enhancement family, and I am now a marketing intern here. The Study is such a familiar place to me now, and I want to make sure other students aren’t afraid to use this great resource.

What to Bring:
In order to provide the most efficient and effective tutoring, we suggest that students who are seeking our services have access to and bring the following items to their tutoring sessions:

  •  Student ID to sign in (if you don’t have your ID, you can use your student ID number)
  • Any homework that you have questions about
  • Course content you are struggling with
  • Technology needed to complete homework or view content (laptop, tablets)

The Study actually has its own copy of class textbooks for most subjects, but just in case, you may want to bring your book the first time to see if it is available. There is also a limited supply of calculators to borrow during your tutoring session, and plenty of paper and writing utensils. As I said before, The Study is very laidback. All of the staff is more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

How To Find Us:
The Study is located on South campus in 306 Complex Commons. When you first walk into Commons, you are going to walk toward the Starbucks, but will go upstairs before you reach Starbucks. There will be a set of clear double doors to your right with “The Study” decals on the doors. Go through those and up the stairs.

There is a desk at the top of the stairs and a desk worker will always be working during tutoring hours. This is where you sign in. There is a touch screen computer located at this desk where you will be prompted to select your subject, then your specific course number and then swipe your ID to log in. For example, if I needed tutoring in MA 111, I would first select “Mathematics,” then “Math 111” and then I would swipe my ID. If the first desk in the promenade is too busy, there is always a second desk in the grand ballroom that you can sign in at, with another desk worker. The desk workers are also UK students and are very helpful and will be happy to walk you through the sign in process, answer any questions you may have and show you where your subject is located. There are also plenty of signs hanging from the ceilings and walls, to help you find your subject.

Once you find your subject area, I’d recommend sitting at a table where you have ample room to take out your computer, notes, and book, if the subject isn’t too busy. Then if you have a question or problem you can either raise your hand or call for a tutor by name (the tutors wear name tags!). The Study is busiest right before an exam and the day that homework is due for that specific course. Evening hours are also very popular with students. That being said, I recommend coming early, especially your first visit. If you come early and a couple days before an exam or your homework is due you will get more hands on tutoring since the subject won’t be too busy!

Once you are finished with your tutoring session, just sign out before you leave. To sign out, go to either of the desks in the promenade or the ballroom and use the touch screen computer. At the bottom of the touch screen, there will be a place to rate your visit from 1-5, with 5 being an excellent visit. Once you choose one of the options, you will be asked to swipe your ID or enter your ID number again. Then you will have successfully completed your first visit to The Study!

To view our tutoring hours and to see what hours your specific subject will be available, you can visit our website at Also be sure to check out our Going to The Study video.

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