Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two-Friend Rule

Do you want to better grasp class material, achieve higher grades, or even just make new friends? It’s simple: try branching out this year and embracing a two-friend rule in every class!

Starting the new school year and new classes can be intimidating even for social butterflies.   Everyone is nervous about how difficult the teacher will be, how much work will be required, and if they will recognize anyone in class.  You are not alone! We are all in the same predicament and mustering up the courage to talk to a new face doesn’t have to be the most intimidating aspect of college.

In each of your classes, step outside your social bubble and socialize with two new people.   These people can become your point of reference for what’s going on in class, homework materials, and even weekend plans.  Getting to know your classmates is a great way to avoid missing an assignment or going into a test confused on the material.  

Introducing yourself is as simple as blurting out your name.  Be brave, sit down, and say, “Hello.”  People will be more receptive than you think and you possess the ability to take the first step towards developing a friendship.

So take a chance and meet someone new.  You never know what kind of friendships will develop, how your grades may improve, and whose lives you may touch along the way.

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