Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Show Your School Spirit

The Cats take on Louisville at home this weekend so it is time to put your school spirit into action. Whether you are a diehard fan first in line to get the best seats, or a casual fan just looking to eat great food and enjoy friends, UK football needs your support!

This Saturday, September 17th, the Wildcats take on the Louisville Cardinals. Coming off a win at home, the Wildcats are ready to defeat their rivals. Both teams will be geared up, pumped up, and ready to go at 7:00pm, and UK fans need to be just as eager for an exciting game.

The best way students and faculty can help the Cats get motivated for victory is to show your support by demonstrating extreme enthusiasm. Some of the best ways to show your school spirit include:
• Body paint of any kind- It may be chilly, but nothing shows support like a blue belly
• Temporary tattoos- Available at your local campus bookstore
• UK shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. Design your own or get them at the bookstore- the more, merrier!
• Pompoms and UK beaded necklaces- Cheap and easy to share with friends
• Giant foam fingers- Classic spirit display that never gets old
• UK coolers and koozies- (The Study will be handing out free koozies at our tailgate event! For more information, visit our Facebook page)
• Signs, signs, signs!- Want to get on the jumbo screen? Make an eye catching sign to support your Cats and you may get noticed
• Tailgate with your friends (and The Study)- The longer you eat, play games, and have fun, the better chance UK will win, right?
• MOST IMPORTANTLY- CHEER until your voice sounds like a raspy whisper. If you have no voice when the game is over, you have sufficiently done your part.

So whether you are a freshman or a senior, this is the year to take your spirit over the top. Get loud, stay proud, and watch the Cats bring home a victory!

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