Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Study Offers Common-Hour Exam Prep

As the first round of common-hour exams begins this week, one can already sense the anxiety mounting around campus. For many students, this will be their first time taking a college exam, while for others, this first week of exams has become second-nature. Regardless of how many times students have experienced the frenzy that is “Common-Hour Exam Week,” these exams are often stressful and overwhelming for everyone. The staff at The Study understands the importance of common-hour exams; thus, The Study is providing students several resources and opportunities to help them not only perform well on their first exams, but to also help them relax during this stressful time.

As usual, students are encouraged to utilize the Peer Tutoring Program, a free, proactive, and preventive program that promotes peer-to-peer tutoring. With over 100 Peer Tutors who have previously taken these exams, coming to the Peer Tutoring Program will be sure to give students an edge when studying. With the Peer Tutoring Program’s new expanded hours, students can now access peer tutoring six days a week, including Fridays! Offering peer tutoring in over 50 courses, the Peer Tutoring Program is a great resource for students to review content and ask questions before their exams.

Outside of the Peer Tutoring Program, The Study is also offering Intensive Tutoring, a two-hour session geared towards preparing students for their common-hour exams. As a supplement to the regular Peer Tutoring Program hours, there will be three Intensive Tutoring sessions offered on Sunday, September 18th from 4pm-6pm for MA 109, MA 123, and CHE 107. In case students are in need of an extra boost, Intensive Tutoring is a great way to get additional help and more one-on-one attention with the Peer Tutors.

If content isn’t really a concern for students, but they would like to learn how to study better or avoid test anxiety, The Study has the solution. Students can register for an Individual Academic Consultation, where they can discuss a topic of their choice with a learning specialist. In these free, hour-long consultations, students will take a learning inventory to assess their strengths and areas of needed improvement, and they will also have the opportunity to speak with a graduate student. To help students maximize their studying time and to best prepare for exams, the Individual Academic Consultations are another great resource for students to utilize before and after Common-Hour Exam Week.

While the Peer Tutoring Program, Individual Academic Consultations, and Intensive Tutoring sessions all aim to help prepare students for the first round of exams, “The Study Break” is a great way for students to relax. On Tuesday, September 20th from 8pm-10pm, students can come to The Study for food, games, and fun. Entitled “The Study Break” for a reason, The Study hopes that this event will give students a much-needed recess from all of their hard studying.

The Study hopes that through their services and events, students will not only successfully prepare for their exams, but relax during the process.

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