Friday, August 30, 2013

Apps for A's: Must have apps for school

Madalena Pierangelino, Marketing Intern

As the fall semester begins, so does the stress. There is a mad rush to finalize classes, buy books, and organize a routine once again. And on top of that lies the constant pressure to get good grades. Lucky for you, an array of apps exists for the sole purpose of making your life easier in college. This year, be smart and keep your smart phone nearby for these useful (and mostly free!) apps.

1. Evernote

As the name implies, Evernote is a free app that makes note taking more efficient. A scatterbrain’s lifesaver, it puts all your notes, ideas, and images in one place. Also, you can record lectures and search text for specific words. It even syncs to other devices. So no matter where you are, stay on the same page with Evernote.
Cost: Free

2. Chegg

Forget standing in long lines at campus bookstores to buy overpriced textbooks. Chegg is an app that searches and finds the cheapest textbooks for rent AND includes free shipping. They also plant a tree for every book that you rent!
Cost: Free


Studying is boring. Add some action to your study routine with STUDYBLUE. The application makes creating flashcards easy and paperless. Even greater is that you can access other people’s study materials on the same subject, just in case you missed something.
Cost: Free

4. QuickGraph+

Scientific calculators are as expensive as they are bulky.  Lugging it around from class to class only to stare confusedly at a black and white screen seems pretty unproductive. A better option is the app QuickGraph+. You can plot various types of graphs on numerous coordinate systems. There is also quick access to common functions. Math class just got that much easier.
Cost: $1.99

5. myHomework

Leave your agenda at home; this student planner app puts your life and class schedule into one small gigabyte. Plug your class schedule in, update tasks and store papers and other materials in the resources section. It even notifies you about upcoming assignments and you can turn your document in right then and there. You will never miss another due date again! MyHomework is not rated 4½ stars for nothing.
Cost: Free


Completely manage all of your money in one place with It gives you the option to create a budget and track what you are spending by dividing it into various sections. When you are over your budget limit for one area, it notifies you.

7. EasyBib

Everyone knows that after the introduction paragraph, the worst part about writing an essay is the bibliography. Putting a source into MLA, APA, or whatever format a teacher demands is a pain. Easybib lets you take a picture of the textbook barcode or search a title and conveniently converts it to a legitimate citation. Boom.
Cost: Free

8. GeniusScan+

Scanners are a little old school these days. The easiest way to sign and send a form is with GeniusScan. Take a picture of a document, and this fast app will convert it to a clearly readable file that you can send. When you think about how printing at Willy T. costs 10 cents a page, paying $2.99 to edit and send documents conveniently from your couch does not seem like much.  
Cost: $2.99

Convinced yet? These applications are great tools to have by your side, when facing the daily challenges of life as a student. You can save time and money, plus succeed in your classes. Now, there is no excuse to ever stress about school again! 

For additional app download ideas, check out the following website:

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