Thursday, October 24, 2013

Building Blueprint Series: Barker and Frazee Halls

Nicole Brown, Marketing Intern Coordinator
Allyson Lough, Marketing Intern

Welcome to the Building Blueprint series!
Just joining us? Check out The Annex Building Blueprint.

This time, we’re focusing on two buildings near the Student Center: Barker Hall and Frazee Hall. After reading, be sure to watch the video tour, with Madalena as your guide.

Originally built in 1901, Barker Hall is a historical brick building located in the heart of campus. It is named after the second president of the University of Kentucky, Henry Barker, who served from 1910 to 1917. The first basketball game hosted by the University was played in Barker Hall. Today, Barker Hall is the home of Buell Armory, the Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC, Kinesiology and Health Promotion fitness courses and assorted classes.

To find Barker Hall, the best starting point is behind Patterson Office Tower (POT). But instead of walking down the long, steep steps that lead towards the Student Center, veer to the left. The building directly to your right is Barker Hall—you’ll see a Buell Armory sign first, but keep walking around the building. You’ll find two separate entrances. If you are looking for the dance studio or the stairs to reach classrooms on the upper floors, enter through the leftmost door. If you are looking for Buell Armory or ROTC, enter through the right one. If you continue walking past Barker Hall, you will end up on the bridge leading to the Student Center.

The dance studio at Barker Hall also hosts some really awesome campus organizations like UK Swing Dance club and the UK Dance Ensemble. You may also have a class there if you sign up for a KHP elective like Zumba or Yoga.

Hidden necessities: The bathrooms in this building can be tricky to find! If you are in the dance studio, there are restrooms and changing areas down the flight of stairs in the back of the room. If you’re elsewhere, the bathrooms can be harder to find—they are co-ed and look suspiciously like closets. There is one directly across from the main entrance in the back of a classroom and another on the third floor.

Frazee Hall was completed in 1907 and later named after D.F. Frazee, a member of the Board of Trustees. It is located across from Barker Hall, with the split steps at the front.

Frazee Hall is home to the Division of Student Affairs, which encompasses tons of resources, including the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center (VIP Center), the Counseling Center and much more.  
The VIP Center entrance is down the front stairs that have a green banner hanging over the entrance. The Division of Student Affairs offices are up the stairs and on the main floor in room 103. The Counseling Center can be found on the second floor, in room 201.

The VIP Center hosts many campus events to spread their Green Dot message, but their offices are also open during business hours to assist students who have witnessed or experienced any kind of violence. Plus, there are lots of volunteer opportunities. The Counseling Center offers free counseling services, including individual and couples counseling and workshops, to students enrolled in at least six credit hours.

Hidden necessities: The handicap accessible entrance is difficult to find because it’s actually through the Student Center—ask somebody at a Student Center help desk or the Cats Den and they’ll point you in the right direction!

Explore Barker and Frazee for yourself, and be sure to let us know if we left something out! In the next blueprint, we’ll highlight Erikson Hall and Funkhouser Building.

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