Monday, September 30, 2013

Building Blueprint: The Annex

Nicole Brown, Marketing Intern Coordinator

Welcome to the Building Blueprint series!
We know that campus can be confusing. There are so many buildings and so many offices, that a campus map doesn’t always lead you to the right place. Looking for the Education Abroad office, a random classroom, or something else? We’ll help you get there.

First in our series, we are focusing on The Annex. After reading, be sure to watch our video tour with Samantha Stein, Marketing Intern!

Formerly known as Hamilton House, The Annex has been around since 1942. It was originally an all-female dormitory created to teach women to live cooperatively and later served as housing for those in need. The space was acquired by Academic Enhancement and renovated to become The Annex during Spring 2013. The Annex first opened to students for use over Summer 2013.

The Annex is home to some of Academic Enhancement’s offices, but, more importantly, houses Peer Academic Coaching (PAC). PAC is free and offered by appointment only for specific, high-stakes courses.  Sessions help students develop learning and study strategies tailored to a course. The schedule can be found here and appointments can be made on myUK.

To find The Annex, the best place to start is North Campus. It’s a white house situated on South Limestone, directly across from Chipotle. Coming from the Student Center, it’s the building to the left of Keeneland Hall.

Hidden necessities: The actual “front” door from the front porch on South Limestone can’t be used—you must use the back entrance, closest to Keeneland Hall, instead! Walk on in and the desk worker can answer any other questions you have.

Go check out The Annex yourself, and let us know if we left something out. Check back soon for our investigation of Barker and Frazee halls.

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