Friday, April 20, 2012

Gift Guide for Graduates!

Alex Newby, Marketing Intern

Gone are the days of buying graduates paperweights and bookends. Whether it’s your sorority sister or older cousin, every graduate deserves a personalized and fun gift to celebrate the end of their college career! Can’t think of anything? Check out our list below and find the perfect gift in your price range!

Under $15:

A Guide to the City - If your grad is relocating to a new city for a job or grad school, compile a guide of fun things to do, hangouts, and local must-sees. Moving to a new city can be intimidating but  your guide could make it less scary!

A Good Ol’ Fashioned Card – Although this might seem boring, this is a great chance to tell your grad how much they’ve impacted your life & college career. Slipping in some money or scratch offs isn’t a bad idea either!

A home-made gift – Find out your grad’s favorite quote or lyric and paint it on a canvas. Bake them a batch of their favorite cookies. Hand-made gifts can sometimes be the most personal!
Books- Find a fun book about hosting a dinner party or a beneficial one about smart saving! Every grad could use a little advice as they step off campus into the professional world!

Picture Frame –Now’s the perfect time to bring back that picture of the night you met or the one you laughed at for hours. Nothing says “Happy Graduation!” like a quick visual reminder of how far you’ve come since Freshman year together!

Giftcards: If they had an addiction to Starbucks or Orange Leaf before graduation, chances are your graduate will still have the addiction after graduation!

Business card case: Professional accessories are necessary for any graduate and their fun to shop for!
Stationary/Office Supplies: Cute and professional stationary, thank-you cards, or office supplies is a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift!

Under $30

A Photo book:  There are plenty of online photo sites that allow users to create a personalized scrapbook and then have it printed like a real book. For graduates that you have a lot of memories and pictures with, this could be a fun way to capture the fun you had during your college years!

A Good Pair of Heels/A New tie:  Whether guy or girl, every graduate could use a hand in boosting their professional wardrobe!

Alumni Gear: The Campus bookstore and surrounding Lexington stores have plenty of UK gear labeled just for Alum. Whether they’re moving out of the state or staying in Lexington, they can represent UK wherever they go!

Coffee Pot- If being grown-up means being excited about new appliances than so be it! Chances are your grad needs a few new appliances like a Coffee pot to furnish their apartment!

Cook book – Ramen Noodles and T.V dinners aren’t considered dinner once you’re out of school. Give your grad your favorite cookbook or a compilation for recipes that you’ve tried and loved!
Diploma frame – Give them something to show that hard work off in! (Note: The price could be more expensive depending on the frame)

Home goods for a new apartment – Monogrammed Towels, salt & pepper shakers, margarita/wine glasses, key holders, sheets, cookware etc. The amount of stuff that you realize you don’t have is amazing when you’re moving out on your own!

Under $50

A Massage – Four years of built-up undergrad stress is a lot to get rid of!

A watch-These are one of the top things interviewers usually check to see if you have on.

Jewelry – A nice necklace, earrings, or ring

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