Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ABCs of Shaping Up This Summer

Written by: Chelsey Duncan, Marketing Intern 

Summer break is right around the corner, but many students are consumed with the stress of finals. Late night cram sessions filled with caffeine leave little time to worry about exercising, and irregular sleep patterns result in unhealthy eating habits. The end is near, though! So here are the ABCs of getting fit to help students shape back up after finals week.       

Always have water handy. It keeps you hydrated and will make you feel full.
Be realistic. Don’t expect to see results overnight.
Create a weekly workout plan to stick to throughout the summer.
Dieting is key to getting fit. Don’t overdo it all at first, though. Changes should be gradual. 
Exercise, exercise, exercise. Stay off the couch as much as you can.
Forget about stress. It can have harmful effects on your body, including slowing metabolism.
Get a gym membership and take group classes.
Hold onto your goal. Don’t lose sight of it.
Insist on making exercise a priority. Don’t skip a workout if something better comes along.
Jump rope. This simple exercise is great for cardio!
Keep with it. Don’t quit after you reach your goal.
Log your activity so you know what you’ve accomplished.
Make a game out of your workouts. See how long it would take you to walk to China.
Never give up. When you feel like quitting, push through it.
Omit junk food, soda and sweets from your diet.
Persevere. It will be challenging at first, but it gets easier.
Question your limits and get the most out of your workout.
Reward yourself. It’s okay to cheat and enjoy some ice cream every once in a while.
Strength train to build and tone muscle.
Too tired? Not an excuse. Exercise is proven to make you feel better!
Use the buddy system. It’s harder to back out if you’ve made plans with a friend.
Vary your exercises. Switch it up with aerobics, strength training, running, etc.
Walk your dog or just go on walks.
eXtend your plan and modify your goals.
Year-round healthy habits can result from your summer workout plan.
Zero into your zone. Don’t worry about how you look while you exercise.

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