Thursday, April 5, 2012

Student Spotlight: Matthew Durham

The Study is excited to announce Matthew Durham as our next  student spotlight! Matthew started as a desk worker this semester and his friendly personality and enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed.  Read on to learn more about what makes this Study employee special! 

NAME: Matthew Durham
MAJOR: Accounting
HOMETOWN: Harrodsburg, KY
CLUBS/EXTRA CURRICULAR: Ultimate Frisbee, Intramural basketball
HOBBIES: Hanging out with people back home, playing basketball, reading, and listening to all kinds of music.
FAVORITE FOOD: Steak and mashed potatoes
MUSIC: Mostly Rap and Hip-Hop. Drake and Tyler the Creator are my favorite artists right now.
FAVORITE MOVIE: 500 Days of Summer, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and Juno
PET: One cat named Isabel and one dog named Ace
FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT ON CAMPUS: Ovid's, their Chicken Caesar Salad is amazing.  
COLOR: Blue and White!!
HOLIDAY: Christmas. The snow and everyone is cheerful. 
BEST PLACE TRAVELED TO: Florida, nothing beats going to the beach.
MOST DARING MOMENT: Celebrating the Final Four victory over Louisville on campus!
WHY UK: I grew up in Kentucky and from the first time I visited it, it felt like home. 
FAVORITE CLASS AT UK: PSY 100. I've never had a class that made me think deeper than this one. 
FAVORITE PLACE TO STUDY:  5th floor of Willy T Library.
FAVORITE TEACHER: Gail Hoyt. She manages to make a subject like microeconomics and make it fun and entertaining. 
ADVICE TO OTHERS AT UK:  Do what you love. You only have one life to live, so don't waste it on doing something that you're not happy with. 
LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: Work for an Accounting firm and eventually own my own firm and obtain high standing clients. 
WHY DOES HE LIKE WORKING AT THE STUDY: The environment is incomparable. From the moment you walk in you feel as if you've made tons of new friends! 

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