Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There's A Vine For That!: How To Get Creative with the Newest Social Media App

Allyson Lough, Marketing Intern

Vine is the newest creative app used by 20 million people to record and share moving snapshots. This app for iPhone and Android allows users to capture six-second videos with a couple finger taps. “Vining” takes some time to get the hang of, but here are some tips we’ve found to be useful.

Suggestions when launching your own Vine account:
  • Consider linking it to Twitter and Facebook so that you can share your masterpieces with all your followers and friends.
  • Go through the #FirstVine tutorial. It gives you a step-by-step guide of the simple editing in the app.
  • Scroll through the Editor’s Picks under the Explore tab. You’ll get quick inspiration and find expert Vine-makers to follow.
  • Keep it appropriate. Your posts can still be found by family and future employers.
  • Be creative with your subjects! Go on a fun outdoor adventure- then Vine about it!
  • Don’t just Vine as you go. Plan out how to use your six seconds wisely.
  • Use the looping effect on Vine to your advantage. The best videos seamlessly repeat.
Limitations to look out for:
  • The app doesn’t allow you to import video that you shot earlier so capturing the right moments can be difficult.
  • Vine videos must be shot in one take. If you’re trying a more complex video, like stop-animation or time lapse, be very careful not to close out of the app or accidentally tap the screen. You will have to remake the entire video.
  • If you want to add background music, it has to play from a different device. Using sound is hard, especially if you’re adding multiple takes since the music will be chopped up.
A list of really awesome Vine users:
  • Pinot has a distinct style of animating simple pencil sketch drawings.
  • Nick Mastodon is the master of pairing songs with animated short clips.
  • Meagan Cignoli uses her account for creative overflow through stop motion.

Vine users are spreading everyday moments and creative ideas with a simple share button. It’s easy to translate your killer (or beginner) artistry skills into your Vine account!

Instagram recently released a new update that included 15 second videos in its mobile app. Read more about the Instagram video feature and how it will affect Vine users: Instagram Video Taking a Swing at Vine

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