Friday, April 26, 2013

Diaries of EPE 174

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern  

Right now I’m taking EPE 174: Theories of College Student Success as an elective. This course is based on different theories of understanding how students can succeed in college. Contrary to much belief, this isn’t a study skills course. This type of course is similar to a seminar class or graduate class. Instead of taking exams and quizzes we have to partake and engage in class discussions. In this class we are assigned to complete various reading assignments, such as journal articles that cover student’s experiences in college, campus issues, and ways to succeed in college. During the class we discuss these readings and relate them with our own experiences. For instance, we had to read about dorm life and how students spend there down time in the dorms. We also had to read about what self-efficacy is and how it can affect a student’s performance and ultimately their grade.  
Not only were the readings insightful but also the discussions we had were eye-openers for myself and other students. We discussed how diversity can play a large role at UK and how some students were not prepared after high school for a diverse university. Our class also discussed what it means to have a college degree and how a degree can provide many opportunities for life after college. This class was not like any class I have taken before. It really puts into perspective what a college degree actually means and represents.
By taking this course I learned how important higher education is and how students should value their education. Completing almost four years of college, I understand how difficult classes can be and how sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation to complete homework assignments and above all, go to class. If you attend every class and participate then this class will be relatively easy. Just make sure to complete the class projects on time, and read the articles before class so you can discuss them later. This course taught me the skills and attitude I must have in order to achieve my goals as a college student. For more information about EPE 174 and to review a sample syllabus, visit

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