Thursday, April 4, 2013

Behind the Pen

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern

Ever wonder why your handwriting is different from your friends, your family members, or even your professors? A person’s handwriting differs from other individuals’ for many reasons, including the way they hold their pen, the type of writing utensil they use, and even their personality.

Of the many methods used to determine our personality traits, an overlooked method is to look at our own handwriting.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, graphology is the study of handwriting. Some of the criteria graphologists analyze are the formation of letters, the alignment of spaces between word and lines, and the general style of a person’s writing. By understanding some of these handwriting characteristics, you can potentially have a better understanding on how you interact with people, how you feel about yourself, what motivates you, and more.

Pen Pressure
Heavy Pressure
Writers who write with a heavy pressure are said to have strong vitality, are enthusiastic, and can be domineering. They are also said to have a difficult time forgetting the past and they tend to hold grudges.

Medium Pressure
A medium pressured writer is said to have good memory and be conservative as well as very perceptive. This type of writer is at harmony and at ease in their life and also has drive and determination.

Light Pressure
Writing without much pressure on the page can signify a writer who has an intellectual approach to life. A writer who applies light pressure tends to avoid confrontation, forgives easily, and displays an easygoing nature.

Word Spacing
Small Spaces
Writers who have little spaces between words tend to interact well with people and crave social contact.  They are said to be extroverts who are talkative and spontaneous whose biggest downfall is their insecurity.

Large Spaces
This writer is said to be an introvert that is cautious upon making decisions. This type of writer also tends to have trouble relating to others and prefers working solo on a project. 

Line Levels
A writer who writes in a straight line is said to have perfectionist tendencies and can be overly disciplined. This type of writer tends to need control in their life to feel comfortable and to succeed.

Ascending (baseline slopes upward)
This writer is said to have a positive outlook on life and is generally enthusiastic and determined. This also may indicate that the writer has faith in the future, is often excited, and feels loved by others.

Descending (baseline slopes downward)
Writers who write with a downward slant are said to be depressed, sluggish, and moody. This type of writer is said to be discouraged, pessimistic, and unenthusiastic. 

Slant Writing
A writer with a straight slant tends to be self-reliat, independent, guided by logic more than emotions and works well alone. On the other hand, this writer often lacks spontaneity.

Slant to the Right
A writer with a moderate slant to the right is said to be compliant, outgoing, confident, and kind. This type of writer tends to follow their heart and usually is more empathetic, and caring.

Slant to the Left
When a writer’s handwriting slants to the left, they are said to be reserved, self-contained, withdrawn, and likely choosy about possessions and friends. This writer often comes off as indifferent and withdrawn from others around them.

Size of Writing
Large Script
A writer with large handwriting likes to be noticed and likes to stand out from the crowd. It is said that this sociable writer demands attention and has a large personality. However, this writer tends to have trouble focusing on one thing for too long.

Small Script
With high concentration levels, this writer tends to pay close attention to detail. This type of writer is said to be very analytical, modest, reserved, and intelligent.

After reading many articles and doing much research on how our personality is reflected in our handwriting, I decided to analyze my own handwriting. I read through most of my class lecture notes, an old grocery list, and even some of my late night diary entries.  I have found that I use a heavy amount of pressure when I write and I like to write using big letters. Upon other discoveries, I realized that I keep my word spacing at a minimal and sometimes my writing tends to slant towards the right. I have never been the shy type and I have always enjoyed being the center of attention, especially when I am around my group of friends. I also do find it challenging to focus on my homework for a long period of time, which is accurately reflected in my large script.

Ever wonder what your handwriting might say about your personality? Use the descriptions above to find out what your handwriting says about your personality.

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