Thursday, August 16, 2012

Residence Hall Recipes

Alex Newby, Marketing Intern

With move-in day looming, UK students are relishing their last home-made meals of the summer! For students moving into the dorm, campus food and microwave meals might soon become the norm! To help you avoid the usual Ramen and pizza diet, we’ve searched the web for some delicious dorm-friendly recipes! With only a few ingredients and a microwave required, these recipes will lessen the sting of leaving behind your Mom’s cooking!

Coffee Cup Scramble 
This recipe is pretty basic, but such a time-saver! The eggs we made in our coffee cup were fluffy and tasted just as good as eggs made on the stove! We even improvised and used coffee creamer instead of milk! You couldn’t tell the difference!

French Toast 
This French Toast scramble from Kitchen Daily is perfect for mornings when you’re running late and don’t have time to for a dining hall breakfast! Throw a few ingredients into a cup, and 30 seconds later you’re ready to go!

Created by Martha Stewart, this minestrone recipe is definitely on our list of fall staples. It takes only 15 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to cook, and it serves 4! With so much, you can share some with roommates or freeze some for later!

Pizza Roll-Ups

Although it only calls for cheese and spinach, you can improvise a lot with the toppings you use for this recipe! We used feta instead of mozzarella and added tomatoes to a later version! Just be careful with how much sauce you use because it does get SUPER messy if you use too much!

Chili Cheese Dogs
Like the pizza roll ups, this recipe is easy to improvise with! Follow the recipe or add your own favorite hot dog toppings!

Bacon Monterey Jack Panini
This recipe only takes 10 minutes and is delicious! Switch up the types of cheese and try a different type of meat to add some variety!

Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries 
These strawberries are easy to do without a recipe as well! Just buy a bag of chocolate chips that can be melted (check the back of the bag!) and then follow the instructions! Make sure to follow the recommended heating time or the chocolate will start to harden before you can dip the strawberries!
Sweet Cinnamon and Sugar Pretzel Nuggets
Although this website suggests making them for Christmas parties or presents, we think this sweet snack would be perfect for a movie night or study session!

Chili Dip
Recipe #8 on Coed Magazine’s list of “9 Best Dorm Room Recipes” is perfect for those times when an inexplicable craving for Queso comes upon you. Haven’t had that moment yet? Believe us, its coming! Grab some Tostitos and enjoy!

2-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie 
Although easy, this recipe requires a lot of ingredients. We haven’t tried it yet, but we suspect you might be able to do the same thing with pre-made cookie dough. If nothing else, you  will have a warm gooey dessert for cold nights!

For more microwave and dorm-friendly recipes, visit The Study’s Pinterest Boards and start repinning! 

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