Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School Fashion

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern

The first day of school should be an exciting day. You’re meeting new teachers, reconnecting with old friends and setting the tone for the semester to come. To feel your best, look your best. Just keep in mind to have fun with your style and wear something that expresses your personality. Be unique and be yourself!

Popular options for girls:


The sporty and comfy style is among the most common choice for college students. It’s comfortable, low maintenance and the easiest style to wear around campus. To get this sporty style, pair your Nike shorts with your favorite t-shirt whether it reps your favorite sports team, is that shirt you got for free when you ran that 5K, or a UK shirt. To complete the look, wear a pair of gym shoes, low-cut ankle socks, and a messy pony-tail.
To spruce up this sportier look, wear an athletic dress, like a tennis dress in a bright summer color such as pink, blue, green, yellow, etc. Pair this dress with a white sporty watch and a pair of flip-flops or gym shoes.  
Sporty 2



Bohemian 2The Bohemian style, or in other words the “boho” look, is another popular option. This style consists of wearing prints and patterns that aren’t too loud but can make quite the first impression when paired with accessories. Wear tops that have an airy shape to them, such as a babydoll top or something that flows. Pair a top with flared or skinny jeans.

To have a complete boho look, accessories are a must.  Try mix and matching your accessories with your clothing choices. If you’re wearing a plain top then wear statement pieces, such as long earrings and a necklace. To complete your look, wear a pair of comfortable shoes such as cute sandals or loafers.  


Trying to dress classy in the classroom? This look can seem a little intimidating to put together however, it can leave a remarkable first impression. Match a neutral, solid colored shirt, such as white, beige or navy blue with bright colorful denim shorts. Colorful denim is trending right now and matching it with a more muted color will attract more attention to the shorts. Choose denim jeans that are light colors such as coral, mint green, sky blue or pale yellow. Simple accessories should be worn with this outfit. Wear small studded earrings, a matching necklace, and a bracelet. Complete the look by wearing ballerina flats or boat shoes.

Classy Look

Popular options for guys:

For the guys whose first priority is comfort, pair your favorite pair of basketball shorts with a t-shirt of your choice, preferably a UK shirt. However, make sure the shorts and shirt match. Don’t wear one sports team on your shirt and another on your shorts. Also, don’t wear black on black or dark colors with dark colors. Complete this outfit with a pair of basketball shoes or any type of gym shoes.  


Guys, show off your preppy side by matching bright color shorts with a plain shirt. Matching a bold color with a simpler one creates a striking look. Some colors that go great together are navy blue and pink, pale yellow and lime green, and beige and orange. Try to class up the look by wearing a leather tan or light brown belt with a pair of boat shoes or comfortable sandals to complete the look.


Tips to consider:

   Buy something new. Whether it is a new top, new necklace or even a new pair of shoes. Wearing something new can bring out your confidence and express the person you truly are. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look your best.
   Wear something comfortable. There is nothing worse than walking from building to building in uncomfortable shoes or jeans on the first day of school.  Make sure to wear something comfortable when you navigate your way around campus. 
   Accessories are key. For any outfit that you might wear, make sure to match an accessory with it. Girls, if you’re wearing a plain top with a pair of jeans then wear a big and bold necklace.  Other items that make a statement are headbands, bracelets, earrings, and, if the weather isn’t too warm, a summery scarf. Guys, accessorize your look with a watch, a tan leather belt or a hat.
   Match a pair of shoes with your outfit. First choose which outfit you will wear on the first day of school. Then, pick shoes that go with it. Wear a pair that will match your look and express your personality.
   Change up your style. Jeans and a t-shirt are great for everyday but try to wear shorts, a skirt, and a nice shirt once in a while. Also, you can never go wrong when wearing anything blue and white. 

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