Friday, June 1, 2012

What A Flavor of Ice Cream Can Say About You

Arielle Parker,  Marketing Intern

The hot temperatures are finally here and what better way to relax in the heat than to indulge in some ice cream.  Now, we all have our favorite flavors and many of us order our usual favorite when we go to our local ice cream parlor. But what does that tell us about ourselves?

That we are too afraid to venture out and try new things? Or could it be that we just like the taste of that specific flavor? What can our favorite ice cream flavor say about the person we are? Take a look and see:

If you enjoy a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream, you are considered to have quite a “traditional” taste.  These traditional people enjoy listening to classical music, watching the history channel and documentary films. Vanilla-eaters are motivated employees and set high goals for themselves while pushing themselves to meet these goals.

Chocolate lovers know exactly what they want out of life and are not afraid to go after it. They have great listening skills and are known for giving great advice to others. These go-getters enjoy listening to indie rock and watching television shows and movies.

As a strawberry lover, you are the life of the party, at least when you are out of the workplace.  Meanwhile, while you’re not working, you enjoy surfing the web and are fascinated with social networking. Your favorite types of music consist of R&B and hip-hop. However, in the workplace, you are shy and loyal and keep a strong relationship with your boss.

If your favorite flavor is coffee then image is everything to you. You are a lively, dramatic and flirtatious individual. You thrive on living in the moment and once that moment is gone, you’re bored. Since you get bored easily, you have a difficult time finishing old projects.

If you enjoy the mint and chocolate combination, then you probably have a romantic side. You are likely to be loyal, honest, dependable, ambitious and confident. Your friendships are long lasting and you have close ties with your family members.

While in a social setting you tend to be outgoing, in the workplace you seem to show aggression and are goal-oriented. You are a practical person but sometimes your pessimism can get in the way. You become sensitive to minor situations and you appreciate the finer things in life.

Whether you prefer a big scoop of chocolate ice cream or you just can’t get enough of rocky road, remember what this favorite flavor might say about you.

For more information on what other flavors of ice cream might say about you, visit these websites:

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