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Summer Advising Conference

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern
Alex Newby, Marketing Intern

After four long years and countless graduation parties, high school is officially over! You are now ready to begin a new chapter in your life. So what’s the next stop on the road ahead?
You have two days in the summer to visit your college, sign up for classes and meet other incoming freshmen. During the University of Kentucky’s summer advising conferences, student organizations, current UK students, advisors, and staff members answer questions from students and their parents about what the university has to offer. Topics include: campus life, involvement opportunities, financial aid, campus resources, classes, and much more. Students and their families will also have the opportunity to tour campus, check out classrooms, residence halls and get a taste of UK dining.

Summer advising should be an exciting time for all students and parents. Don’t miss out on your chance to tour campus, ask questions, and gather as much free stuff as possible! To make the most of your summer advising conference you and your parents should plan ahead by checking out the tips listed below:

Prepare for unpredictable weather:
Kentucky is known for 3 things: Horses, Basketball, and crazy weather! We suggest you bring:
  •  An umbrella/rain boots
  •  A rain jacket/ poncho
  •   An extra pair of socks in case your socks get soggy
  •  Comfortable shoes
  •  A hat/ sunglasses
  •  Sunscreen
  • A water bottle
  •  A jacket or sweatshirt in case it is cold outside

Gather all the free stuff:
As a college student you’ll soon realized that free stuff is the best stuff. Make sure to keep an eye out for     
  •        Magnets
  •        Buttons
  •        Koozies
  •        T-Shirts
  •        UK draw string bag
  •        Pens and Pencils
  •        Candy

Places to check out on campus:
Summer Advising is a great time to explore campus and get an idea of where everything is. Here’s a list of must-sees while you’re on campus!

  •  Residence Halls – While the towers are probably the most recognizable residence halls on campus, UK is home to more than 20 other dorms on both North and South Campus.
  •   Dining Halls (Commons, K Lair, Ovid’s, Blazer) – The dining halls at UK are all unique and offer different kinds of food at each one. The Spicy Beef wrap at Ovid’s and the Buffalo Chicken Tenders at K Lair are both freshman year staples. 
  •   William T. Young Library – Willy T is hard to miss. Located between South and Central Campus, it’s where you’ll do most of your studying. Willy T has a copy center, Mac lab, a writing center, and private study rooms that students can reserve.
  •   White Hall Classroom Building – White Hall is where many introductory classes are offered because of the huge lecture halls on the first floor. If it happens to be windy, watch out for the infamous White Hall Wind Tunnel!
  •  Funkhouser Building – Funkhouser is home to the Financial Aid office, Student Billing, and other student services including Undergraduate Admissions and The Registrar. 
  •  Chemistry and Physics Building – “Chem-Phys” as students call it, is where many astronomy, chemistry, and physics classes are held.  Located off Rose Street, Chem-Phys will be home base for many students majoring in a scientific field. 
  •  The Study – That’s us! The Study is located on the 3rd floor of the Complex Commons building above Starbucks and The Commons. We provide many services and programs to students and faculty including Peer Tutoring & Study Smarter seminars!
  • Commonwealth Stadium – UK’s stadium is located off University Drive in K Lot. Besides being home to the many fall football tailgates, K Lot is also where the majority of freshman will keep their cars.
  •  Memorial Hall – Memorial Hall is the building that boasts the clock tower featured in the UK logo. Several bigger classes are held here and students can see murals that depict early Kentucky life in the lobby.
  •  Student Center – Starbucks, Chik-Fil-A, & Subway are just a few of the dining places located in the Student Center. The Student Center is also home to The Cats Den and the Office of Student Involvement. Need your ID made? The Student ID office is also here!
  •  UK Bookstore – Stock up here on not only UK gear, but also textbooks, toiletries, and dorm room essentials! 
  •   Johnson Center – The Johnson Center, located on South Campus is where you’ll want to go to ward off the Freshman 15. If you haven’t yet, stop by and check out the rock climbing wall, basketball courts, and weight machines!
  •  Patterson Office Tower – POT is where many professors and departments have their offices. You might go here to meet with a professor during office hours or see your advisor! 

Take a look at Lexington:
Whether you have a car on campus or not, Lexington has tons of shops, restaurants and entertainment. Here’s a few places to explore while you’re here.

  •         Ramsey’s –Ramsey’s is a “Kentucky Tradition” and features a country, home-cooked type menu. If you’re missing the comforts of your mom’s cooking, this is the place to go! Ramsey’s closest location is on Woodland.

  •         Rupp Arena - Rupp Arena is the venue for many big concerts and events in Lexington but most importantly, its where the UK Men’s Basketball team plays. Get acquainted with Rupp and get ready to cheer on the CATS!
  •         Triangle Park –Triangle Park is located in downtown Lexington and is perfect for a cute date or fun outing. There are benches and cafĂ© tables along the water and during the winter the park is transformed into an ice rink!
  •         BlueTique – BlueTique is just one of the small boutiques that are scattered around Lexington. Located on Woodland, BlueTique frequently runs promotions or offers student discounts!

Some final tips:
  •         Meet new people
  •         Ask questions
  •         Get to know your advisor
  •        Talk to students, faculty and staff members
  •        Familiarize yourself with UK’s campus

For any further questions, click on the summer advising page on UK’s website

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