Monday, October 10, 2011

Music to get you through those long study sessions

Jason Majewski, Marketing Intern

Everybody has his or her own taste in music. This can be especially true when it comes to choosing the music you study to. Some people can’t study with music on, others like relaxed and calming music, some might prefer upbeat, encouraging music. Whatever your taste may be, music is a great way to keep you motivated, focused and sometimes awake when you’re studying or writing a paper. We went ahead and selected some great study playlists using, a website where you can upload a playlist with an 8 song minimum and share it with the world. Let us know which ones you like best!

Didn’t find one you like or think you can make a better one? Make your own and post the link to The Study’s Facebook page (keep it clean) and get a free Study t-shirt!  

Acoustic, Chill, Singer-Songwriter

Coffeshop, Jazz

A little bit of everything, mostly upbeat with a few relaxing tunes thrown in

Described as motivating music, a little bit of hip-hop and mash-ups

Indie, Acoustic

Another acoustic, chill but upbeat mix
Contemporary, relaxing alternative

Orchestral, Instrumental, Jazz, Sinatra

A few tracks on this one might make you want to take a dance break as you study

An upbeat hip-hop mix

*The Study doesn’t endorse the messages or lyrics of songs included in these playlists, they were created by people not associated with Academic Enhancement

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