Friday, October 7, 2011

Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

Written by Laura McGehee, Marketing Intern

Looking to “wow” your friends this Halloween with an amazing costume but you’re running low on cash? Explore your options and think before you buy this year.
Trading or reusing your friends’ costumes from last year is a simple way to save money.  You will not only have a costume you have never worn before, but multiple options will allow you to go as several different characters to multiple events.  Get together with your friends or go through Facebook pictures and make a list of friends you may want to contact for a trade.
It is also important to figure out which accessories you already own or can easily make. Before making any major purchase, use your imagination!  Old t-shirts can be used for fabric, household items may serve as props, and makeup could be used in place of store-bought face paint.
If you have not decided who/what you want to go as this year, here are a few inexpensive costume ideas to think about:

1.      Santa on vacation- Beard, Santa hat, and a Hawaiian shirt- simple, yet creative
2.      Smurfs- Blue body paint is relatively inexpensive and a white shirt and sweatpants can be found in your wardrobe or at a local Goodwill
3.      Avatars- Blue-painted bodies could also transform into Avatars.  Glue leaves and sticks in a pattern to old shirts, skirts, or shorts for clothing
4.      Mummy- Roll toilet paper around your clothes.   Extremely inexpensive and easy to fix of there’s a wardrobe malfunction
5.      Where’s Waldo- Own anything with red and white stripes? All you need now is a hat!
6.      Loofas- Inexpensive fabric can be found to make a fluffy dress and a small string or rope can be tied around a headband for the final piece
7.      Go as your friends- Are you and your friends total opposites? Trade clothes for the night and mimic each other!
8.      Katy Perry- A blue wig and anything outrageously colorful will do 
9.      Grapes- Tape purple or green balloons all over your body and wear brown or neutral colors underneath
10.  Billboard or Facebook page- create a funny advertisement or page on a piece of cardboard and hang it around your neck
11.  Present- Get a giant box to hang on your body and cover it with wrapping paper.  Add a bow and you are a gift!
12.  Babe Magnet- Tape a bunch of old Barbie dolls to your clothes and you instantly transform into the “babe magnet”
13.  Lady Gaga- You and your friends can all be different versions.  Wear the weirdest items of clothing you own and pair them with heels or wig
14.  Cowboy/Cowgirl- Take boots and a plaid shirt from your closet or borrow from a friend!
15.  Housewife- Cute dress, high pumps, and dolled-up hair and makeup paired with an apron makes a simple and dainty Halloween costume
16.  Beauty queen- Still fit into your prom dress from high school? Pair it with a sash that reads “Miss Kentucky,” “Miss Universe,” “Miss UK,” etc.
17.  Hippie- Finding accessories for this costume should be easy since some of these trends are in style!
18.  Soda can- Get an old garbage can and carefully cut a head and arm holes.  Paint the outside to match your favorite beverage!
19.  Dice- Looking to go with a date? Two large cardboard boxes can turn you and your date into a pair of dice.  Use white paint for the outside then appropriately glue small black circles cut from construction paper
20.  Miscellaneous- Own a little black dress? Pair it with a witch hat, cat ears, bumblebee antennae, or a glitter mask!

Really opposed to dressing up this year? Go in your normal clothes and tell everyone you are a werewolf or super hero whose true identity is only seen during a full moon or state of emergency.

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