Friday, March 28, 2014

The Male Pinterest

Adam Field, Marketing Inter

Every male has at least some knowledge of what Pinterest is. A majority of us can agree we have seen at least one girl in every class sit on the pin-board style website going crazy about some new do-it yourself project and pinning it to their “DIY” themed board. Pinterest has been criticized as a female only website full of wedding ideas and makeup tips even though it does have masculine subjects such as cars.  It has become a social stigma at this point that only females should have an account. In fact according to Business Insider, about 97% of people who like the Pinterest Facebook page are female, but that shouldn’t stop any guy from joining the website. From a male’s perspective, such as my own, it is hard to find much that is of interest and could really catch my attention. But what if there is a male version of Pinterest, would it be attractive? Something that has pictures of “man-caves”, cars, and just pure manly entertainment. I am talking about a website that truly represents a real male mentality. Let's be realistic though, could something of this nature actually exist? Yes! Let me introduce you to Dudepins.

Dudepins not only has the same layout as Pinterest, but it also encourages you to share various posts that you find interesting. When you first enter the website you notice the neutral colors and that it has a masculine feel about it. The first words you read state: “Dudepins is the site to discover and share everything that’s manly.” That alone should hint that this is a safe place for the male community.  After visiting the site, and realizing that this could be interesting and something you can relate to, create an account or as Dudepins refers to it “Man up. Sign up. Post up.” Signing up is simple, just like any other social media website. Create a username and password and you are ready to start exploring the manly universe. But, wait! How could it be a male version of Pinterest without creating “boards” to collect all of your awesome posts? This is where your “montages” come into place. These allow you to pin posts that you find interesting on an easily accessible page. You’ll notice a few montages pre-made for you such as “My Style” and “Virtual Garage”. 

If you haven’t visited the site yet there is a nice menu bar at the top of the website. This bar allows you to search certain categories like “Man-caves”, “Music”, and “Sports”. There is also a tab for videos, trending (most popular posts), shop (manly items collected and available for your purchase), and a search bar. You can also invite all of your friends to join you. With followers and people to follow, Dudepins will never run out of content for you to view. Now that you have a basic knowledge of the lay out for Dudepins, what content does it exactly have? I made myself an account and started to repost things that I thought were cool, manly, and funny. 
I really like cars so my first category to look through, obviously, was “cars and rides”. This category quickly filled my Virtual Garage montage (a default montage) with pictures and posts of blacked out jeeps, testosterone charged muscle cars, and gorgeous exotic cars. Besides cars though, I also wanted to find posts for a man cave (easily a popular category, because every guy needs a space to escape the yoga and fro-yo world we live in). This category has amazing posts of creative and spectacular spaces that men can relax in and get their masculine fix. It also has posts with items to decorate your own space and add your personal touches. The final category I explored was “food and drinks” and I was not disappointed. Imagine a page filled with all types of meats and bourbon. I thought a page like this only existed in my dreams, but here it was staring me in the face. Needless to say I created another montage for this category and have been salivating over it since. 

Pin-board style websites don’t have to mainly consist of the dream wedding ideas and solely live on Pinterest. I say we raise a toast to the man who had the courage to create Dudepins and allow us all to share our manliness. Check out this amazing site and witness pure masculinity for yourself here. I promise you won’t be disappointed and before long you’ll have a list of montages just like myself. If you want to follow my personal Dudepins, find me at AwField11. If Dudepins doesn’t really fit your style, then try one of a few other sites such as Gentlemints or Manteresting, or brave the frill of Pinterest to explore cars, recipes, and all things manly. All are full of great posts for guys and work the same way. 

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