Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Allyson Lough, Marketing Intern

As 140 character tweets and #instapics have taken over the social media sphere, the #hashtag has evolved with it. If you haven’t been on social media since the Facebook “like” button was invented, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon can tell you what you’ve been missing:

The first hashtag was tweeted with the purpose of connecting communities of people on Twitter with common interests. It still does that today through organized chats (Such as #SLchat for Student Leaders. Organized chats launch from @SLCollective,) but hashtags have taken over the Instagram realm in a more casual, and sometimes overused way. Hashtags are usually included in posts with the intention of getting more likes and followers. They spark creative posts from users, connect people with similar subject matter, and gain popularity with cleverness. Here are some basic definitions of popular #hashtag trends:

#mcm                        Translation: Man Crush Monday
Brag on your man or highlight a hot picture of your celebrity crush. But beware:
some instagrammers make their relationship too public by posting way too many kissing selfies.

Because who doesn’t need a little more Ryan Gosling
encouragement on their feed? #mcm

Show what strides you’ve made through the years. Everyone has that middle school picture from the “awkward stage” or a lovable toddler picture to compare to today. The best #transformationtuesday posts feature a recreated picture side-by-side with the original from years before.
Puppy’s first birthday! 6 weeks to one year!

#wcw             Translation: Woman Crush Wednesday
This has the same concept as #mcm. Some people will use this as a way to
post embarrassing shots of their best lady friends, so always look fabulous and beware of Snapchat screenshots.
Who run the world? Beyoncé. #wcw

#tbt                 Translation: Throwback Thursday

Dig out your cutest childhood pictures and add a filter.  This is your excuse to pull out baby pictures of Halloweens past and days of sidewalk chalk. Pro tip: Resist the urge to use a picture from the week before as “throwback.” Find the really good ones with braces and pigtails.   

A marketing intern #tbt from @TheStudyUKY. #Cuties


The selfie has taken instagram by storm with the invention of the front camera on your iPhone. Sunday is just a universally acceptable day to post it on Instagram. Pro tip: If Sunday is the day you usually spend in your PJs, take a good selfie during the week and just wait to post it for #selfiesunday. No one will ever know, and people still in bed working on homework will be jealous of how good you look on a weekend morning!

Keep #hashtagging and happy ‘gramming! 

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