Friday, May 3, 2013

Kentucky Derby Attire

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern

It’s that time of the year in Kentucky when the air is getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, and the horses are making their debut out on the track. The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner and what better way to showcase your spring look then dressing up for the Derby. When most of us think of the Kentucky Derby fashion we immediately think of eccentric hats and eye-catching attire. From the people partying in the infield to the classy dressed folks upstairs in Millionaire’s Row, Derby fashion has a wide range. Whatever your style is, make sure to dress accordingly depending on where you will be sitting, such as the infield, the clubhouse, grand stand, etc.

Follow our tips and take a look at some of the styles we put together that you could be wearing to the Kentucky Derby.

Women’s Attire:
·      Hat
o   From classy to extreme, wearing a hat at the Derby has been a tradition for years. Hats can be decorated with flowers, feathers, bows, ribbon, and anything in-between.  If you’re not a hat person, try wearing a Fascinator.  A fascinator is a fashionable headpiece that is held in place by a band, clip, pin, or comb.
·      Dress
o   Whether you are sporting a long maxi dress or a knee-length dress, keep in mind to wear something that is bright. If you don’t own anything bright, classy colors, such as navy blue, black, and white are always in style.
·      Jewelry
o   If your hat and dress are over the top, then jewelry should be at a minimum. Keep it simple and springy.
o   If you are wearing a hat and dress which doesn’t have much pattern or emphasis, then wear bright statement jewelry that gives your outfit the pop factor.
·      Accessories
o    Add a clutch, wristlet, or a purse to your outfit to carry your lipstick, pocket mirror, and most importantly betting money. Just like the jewelry, carry something that coordinates with your outfit and doesn’t clash with your statement pieces. Remember to also be aware of the weather conditions.
·      Shoes
o   Open and closed toed heels, wedges, or flats are perfectly acceptable at the Derby. If you plan on walking around the busy crowds make sure to wear something comfortable. Also, wear something that matches your outfit and hat.

Women's Derby Outfit
Women's Kentucky Derby Outfit
Kentucky Derby Women
Men’s Attire:
·      Hats
o   Not only do the women partake in wearing hats at the Derby, but so do the men. Men’s hats can range from something simple to something quite creative. If you choose to be creative with your hat make that the statement of your outfit.
·      Dress Shirt
o   Similar to the women’s attire, men should wear a shirt that is brightly colored. A classic button down dress shirt should complement the rest of your outfit.
·      Pants
o   Men should wear a pair of slacks that not only match the shirt but also grabs attention from afar. Men should either wear slacks that are a solid color that match a suit jacket or a pair that are fun and vibrant. Some colors to consider are: Ocean Blue, Bermuda pink, Key Lime, and Citron.
·      Suit Jacket
o   Sporting a classy suit jacket is a great way to bring the whole outfit together. Whether it is a navy blue, tan, or a light grey jacket, wear something that either matches your slacks or your shirt.
·      Necktie/Bowtie
o   Wearing a patterned neckpiece can turn many heads, but it can also become quite a distraction.  If you are already wearing a pattern either on your jacket or pants then wear a solid color neckpiece. If you are not wearing a pattern anywhere in your attire then find a neckpiece that is fun and colorful.
Men's Kentucky Derby Attire
Men's Derby Outfit
Men's Derby Outfit 2

Aside from the horse races, the Kentucky Derby is a chance for individuals to sport their favorite spring looks. Make sure to be a part of the tradition and wear a hat that is fun and flashy. The focus on the Derby isn’t all about the horses it’s the fashion and pageantry! 

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