Thursday, March 7, 2013

Attire to Get Hired

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern

Is your shirt too low cut? Are your shoes all scuffed up? Are your pants too long? Do you have stains on your tie? When you are interviewing for a job, one of the keys to success is making a good first impression. That initial first impression starts right when you walk through the door. Dressing for success on a job interview is one of the ways to start your interview off on the right foot. If you look professional and polished, you will more likely land the job than someone who is less appropriately dressed.

For both men and women, the consensus remains the same: dress conservatively. Dressing conservatively gives the impression you are responsible, you care what you look like, and you are serious about the position. Try not to wear anything too baggy or anything that is too tight. Investing in dedicated interview attire such as a well-tailored suit jacket, a pencil skirt and some of the other related apparel listed below, will help you look like the right candidate for the job. However, dress codes differ from company to company. Before the interview, research the company and make sure you are wearing something appropriate for the interview.

Here is a list of some basic interview outfits for both men and women created in Polyvore   

Men’s Attire:
  •        Suit (solid color- navy, black, or dark grey)
  •       Long sleeve button down shirt
  •        Belt (brown, black)
  •        Tie (professional knot, conservative patterns)
  •       Dark socks
  •        Dark, leather shoes
  •        Professional watch

Women’s Attire:
  •        Suit (navy, black, or dark grey)
  •        Suit skirt, should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably
  •       Matching blouse
  •        Shoes, closed toe pumps, solid flats
  •        Simple jewelry (pearl earrings, small pendant necklace, no statement jewelry)
  •        Neutral or black pantyhose
  •       Light make-up and perfume
  •        Neatly manicured nails 

Remember, first impressions are key when meeting an employer. Dressing conservatively and looking professional can give employers a positive, long-lasting impression. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”

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