Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where To Find A Job That Is Right For You

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern

With May approaching, our seniors are beefing up their resumes, exploring the Internet for job applications, and above all trying to find what their future holds for them. If you’re like myself, and graduating in May, all you have on your mind is where can I find a job that is suitable for me?

There are many places to find jobs these days, including the Internet, a newspaper, or a company’s social media page. Trying to find a job fresh out of college can seem exhausting, but there are many resources, including our very own campus Career Center, that can help find the right job for you.

Career Center on Campus
The James W. Stuckert Career Center, located on campus, serves to undergraduate students and recent alumni. They offer walk-in appointments during normal business hours for students who need assistance on any career-related issues. The Career Center also hosts large career and graduate school fairs for students to meet with professionals. Lenroy Jones, Associate Director for Employee/Corporate Relations has emphasized how the Career Center can give students the opportunity they need. “We help students gain focus, clarification, and give them the opportunity to sit with a professional staff member and talk about career goals. We try to get students to where they want to go”. Students can visit the Career Center’s website for a calendar of events taken place at the Career Center at:

Another helpful resource made available by the Career Center is creating a Wildcat CareerLink. By creating a Wildcat CareerLink, students can view jobs and internship postings from local, national and international employers. Students can also publish their resumes for employers to view and schedule interviews with employers visiting campus. Start a Wildcat CareerLink at:

Campus Career Fair
A campus Career Fair is a chance for students to explore opportunities in their major. Students can learn about internship/job opportunities as well as network with professionals for future reference. At UK, Career Fairs are split into two days for technical and non-technical majors at the Career Center. Find out which one you qualify for:

Aside from reading the sports section of Kentucky Kernel, most of us haven’t read an article in a newspaper in a long time. However, a newspaper is a great source to find job postings, especially jobs that are local to the area. Kentucky Kernel and other newspapers list job openings that provide a quick job description and contact information of a company.

In today’s society, networking seems to be key for students who are seeking an internship or a job. For specific majors, it’s really all about whom you know and how they can help you get the job you are looking for. By talking with someone who has experience, it will provide you with great insight on your career choice. Also, try to job shadow a professional. Not only will you gain hands-on experience, but you can network with the professionals you have shadowed with. 

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website that has the ability to link many employers to potential employees. If you’re looking for a job, create a profile and add in your resume for employers to see. In your profile include a position you are looking for. Employers can view your resume and gain some helpful information on some of your good qualities. You can also network with companies you are interested in by connecting with them. For more information about LinkedIn and how to use it, read one of our older blog stories:

Twitter Followers
Follow a company or business you would like to work for on Twitter. Some companies are now posting job-opening positions on their Twitter page.

Company’s page
A company’s page is a great source for those students who already know what company they would like to work for. On a company’s page, students can view a summary of what job openings are available and submit their resume.

Internet Job Search Engines
To broaden your job search, students can also use several Internet job search engines to look for positions they are interested in. Here are some popular sites to look at:
    • Indeed
    • SimplyHired
    • CareerBuilder
    • Monster
    • Glassdoor 
With my ongoing job search, I have taken into account many of the resources listed above. I recently just started following companies on Twitter that I would like to work for and I created a LinkedIn account. I also have taken time out of my busy schedule to log into my Wildcat CareerLink to search for any job openings listed. Although searching for jobs can be tedious and overwhelming at times, I would advise you to not give up.  As Lenroy Jones rightfully puts it, “What you put into your career management is what you will get out of it”.

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  1. Also, the Career Center offers CareerShift! CareerShift, one of the new online resources within Wildcat CareerLink, is a great resource for internship and job search and locating employer contacts within organization, etc. Get started by logging into your Wildcat CareerLink account and click on the CareerShift logo.