Friday, January 11, 2013

The Savvy Student Workshop Series

Alex Newby, Marketing Intern

Academic Enhancement (AE) is now offering the Savvy Student Workshop (SSW) series.  Unlike AE’s Study Smarter Seminars, that cover a variety of issues and topics, the Savvy Student Workshop series devotes two hours to helping students master and hone one specific skill pertinent to college success.

" Through student feedback, AE determined that students wanted a resource that focused more in-depth on one specific skill. I think the sessions will be extraordinarily beneficial for everyone involved," said Kayla Johnson, Savvy Student Workshop coordinator. "Students will be able to engage in new and creative strategies to enhance their abilities to take notes and read critically, two of the most problematic areas for many undergraduates. The small class size will allow students to ask questions and get answers on the spot, a luxury that can't be promised in typical academic settings."

The Savvy Student Workshops will allow UK students from any major or background to learn, participate, and ask questions in a relaxed environment. Each topic-specific workshop will focus on tips and tricks to help students succeed and will provide  students with handouts and graphic organizers to help them learn the material. The cost is $15 per workshop and the upcoming workshop topics are Note Taking and Critical Reading.

The Note Taking workshop is designed for students who want to learn how to take better notes. Through informative instruction and engaging activities, students will learn how to actively listen for the most important points of a lecture. This will help students decide what to write down in classes where there are only a few words on a PowerPoint slide, or worse, in classes where there are 500 words on a slide. Students will also learn different note-taking strategies, how to organize long notes, and how to best use the notes while studying.

The second Savvy Student  Workshop of the semester will be geared towards Critical Reading. Many students state that the ability to read texts critically is their biggest weakness, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Through the Critical Reading workshop, students will learn to interpret and ask critical questions about a text and its subject matter. Students will also learn how to recognize the most important information in a text, and how to best use that information to study. With many professors assigning long reading homework, this workshop is the perfect way to develop reading skills that will help you study smarter, and not harder.

For more information about the Savvy Student Workshop series, or to register for the upcoming workshops, visit our website:

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