Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Individual Academic Consultations

Arielle Parker, Marketing Intern

Being a student in college can seem overwhelming at times. Between attending classes, studying for exams, doing homework, socializing with friends, working, and being involved in extracurricular activities, college can seem like one big balancing act. I often ask myself where does the time go? After all, there are seven days in a week, which means that we only have 168 hours to balance our busy schedules.
As a senior heading towards my final semester, I have found my classes to be just as time consuming as my freshmen year if not more. It seems as though the dreaded group projects and typing lengthy papers for classes on a weekly basis have become the norm. Between my classes, my internship, holding a VP office for a campus organization, and finding time to socialize with friends, I sometimes feel completely overwhelmed. Let’s just say there are days when I’m prepared to feel completely unprepared, which is why I sought advice from Academic Enhancement. I attended a free Individual Academic Consultation, which has helped me manage my time efficiently so I can fit my classwork, activities, and social life all in one day without feeling completely stressed out.
“Individual Academic Consultations (IACs) are one of those resources available to all students who want to optimize their academic potential and enhance their success. If a student is invested in networking, has many interests and wants to be involved in campus activities and organizations, yet make sure not to compromise academic success, IAC's are great for honing time management and organizational skills”, explains Academic Enhancement’s Director, and Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education, Dr. Karin Lewis.
Academic Enhancement provides Individual Academic Consultations with a learning specialist available to all UK students, staff, and faculty at no charge
These one-on-one consultations focus on strengthening academic skills and navigating college life. Each consultation is individualized, and students are encouraged to discuss any topics of academic conern with a specialist, such as concentration, stress management, procrastination, and a variety of other strategies.
These consultants aim to provide knowledge of the skills that people need to succeed, and give helpful advice based on some of their own past experiences. Along with gaining helpful tips and great advice, these consultations also provide a learning assessment for students. During these consultations, students can take the LASSI, which is a free learning assessment.
According to Cody Davis, one of Academic Enhancement’s EPE 174 Instructors, the LASSI is an effective assessment for students who wish to strengthen many academic factors.
“The LASSI is an excellent resource that simply provides a foundation or starting point for the discussion in an IAC.  The survey is a self-report tool for students to evaluate themselves on important factors in college student success.”
To make the most out of a consultation, we suggest bringing a class schedule, work schedule and class syllabi. For scheduling an appointment, log on to a computer and follow these five easy steps!

·        Login to myUK
·        Click on "myInfo"
·        Click on "myAppointments"
·        Select "The Study"
·        From here you click on “Academic Consultation” and can choose which type of consultation you want, along with the date and the time that is most convenient for you.
·        If you have questions or encounter any trouble scheduling a consultation, please contact us by calling 859.257.1356 or send an email:

If a conflict arises after you’re scheduled Individual Academic Consultation, you can revisit the appointments page and select “Cancel”. 

For more information about Individual Academic Consultations visit our website at

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