Friday, July 20, 2012

Organize with Buffer

How to Manage Your Social Media with Ease

Nicole Brown, Marketing Intern
Alex Newby, Marketing Intern

We’ve looked at Pinterest, LinkedIn, Klout scores, and now, comes Buffer. For social media users everywhere, Buffer makes keeping social media updated much easier.  For the casual social media user, the free version of Buffer allows you to schedule up to ten posts on three different social media profiles.  It works just like updating your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.  In essence, Buffer isn’t a social media network on its own, but instead helps you manage your other accounts in one spot.

So how does it work?
After creating and logging into a Buffer account, one can just type up a post in the “Write a post here to add to your Buffer” section—it’s as simple as that!  Then you can manage which social media you wish to post to by selecting any of your connected accounts with one click.  To post a link, just copy and paste it into the “post” section and Buffer automatically shortens the link for you.  If you’re posting to Twitter, Buffer even counts the characters in your post for you like Twitter does.

Timing is everything.
Once you type up a post, Buffer adds it your queue and automatically assigns the next available post time to it.  You have the option of keeping the post time, hitting an arrow to post now, or using the rearrange feature to change the order of your posts.  To manage your post times, just visit the Settings page and change your Schedule.  Buffer automatically suggests post times based on when you should get the most interaction.  You can also increase or decrease the number of times you post per day.

So, what does Buffer mean for students?  
Well, if you’re like me and use StumbleUpon and Pinterest, I often find a bunch of stuff that I want to share at once.  With a Buffer account, instead of sharing it all at once, I can “Buffer it” and Buffer will share it in a reasonably spread out manner. Now, for those who don’t update their social media much and mostly use it to keep up with friends and family, the best use of Buffer for you may be with LinkedIn.  Many employers use LinkedIn for hiring purposes and an active profile does much more in your favor than an inactive one. A consistently active profile tells possible employers much more about what’s important to you.  With Buffer, you can keep your LinkedIn profile active with very little effort.

For teachers and teaching assistants:
For teachers or teaching assistants, Buffer can be used to announce assignments or remind students about upcoming events.  Just create a Twitter or Facebook page for your class and queue up future announcements.  Then, instead of having to remember things for each day or write them on your classroom board every day, you can spend one night creating the week’s worth of updates for your students.

For club or organization leaders:
Buffer is a great way to stay connected with your group without having to be attached to your social media all day. You can schedule reminders or daily updates for a certain time without actually having to remember to get on and do it. If you need to announce something at a specific time, but won’t be available, Buffer is a great way to make sure it gets done.

For future advertisers or marketers:
Buffer is a great way to keep up social media presence and brand image, without having to expel as much manpower to keep on top of things.  With an “Awesome,” or upgraded account, you can queue up an unlimited number of updates on up to twelve social media profiles at one time and then Buffer will spread out your updates and content throughout the day, instead of bombarding users with a million different updates while you’re online.    

In short, while it may not have as many uses for people who use social media just to “catch-up” with their friends and family, Buffer can provide all social media users with a home base of sorts for their accounts and help them maintain a more consistent presence. 

Check out Buffer or StumbleUpon:

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