Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding the Perfect Summer Job

Alex Newby
Marketing Intern

Looking for some extra “fun money” over summer break? Need to build your resume while you have some free-time? Students across campus are gearing up to start the summer job search process and we’ve come up with a few secrets to success.

 Even if you’re staying in Lexington this summer, start soon!  Businesses will be hiring around mid-April to early May. The worst thing to do is to wait until every other college student on summer break is looking. The competition is stiffer and you will have fewer job choices available. Also, certain jobs require training. Start thinking now about potential options and what kind of preparation you’ll need in order to get hired.

To find job openings, use the campus resources provided. The University of Kentucky provides students with many different ways of finding employment both for the summer and during the semester.  Using the Wildcat Career Link provided by the Stuckert Career Center is a great way to find internships and major specific jobs in cities across the country. It’s a great resource for students who will be home or in a different city for the summer. The Kentucky Kernel is also a great resource for students looking for a job. Although most of the jobs are local, the “Help Wanted” ads have been posted by the businesses recently so you can be sure they are still hiring.

Another great idea in the job search process is to use the resources you already have. Does that girl sitting next to you in Chemistry still owe you a favor? Ask her to put in a good word for you at the place where she works. If you’re dad’s best friend owns a restaurant, ask him to help you get your foot in the door. Networking with friends, family and other acquaintances can sometimes provide you with the best opportunities!

Finding a summer job doesn’t have to be stressful and you shouldn’t fret if you can’t find one that relates to your major. Whether you’re serving tables or working in retail, EVERY job can teach you valuable skills that will be helpful in the future. Also, summer jobs don’t always have to be new!  While having a variety of experiences is important, staying in one place and developing a great relationship with one boss could help get you a fantastic reference letter for a future opportunity!

If you'd really love to boost your resume and are looking for a job in the fall, apply to be a peer tutor at The Study!  For more information and to apply, visit the UK Jobs website.

Happy Hunting!

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