Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts for Any Budget

Written by Laura McGehee, Marketing Intern

As author Eileen Elias Freeman said, “It’s not the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.”  So for those on a tight budget, here are some inexpensive Christmas ideas for your last minute shopping.

Under $5
·         Booklet of favors- clean room, wash dishes, his/her choice of movie, etc.
·         Handmade ornament
·         Friendship bracelet-matches the hippy-style jewelry you could pay much more for in stores!
·         Baked goods- pinterest.com has tons of delicious and eye catching recipes
·         Video greeting card- create a video to send to those who may live far away or may not be sharing the holidays with you
·         A “quote a day” jar- fill a jar full of inspirational quotes so everyday he/she can pick an uplifting motto for the day
·         A thoughtful letter- sometimes what we have to say is more thoughtful than what we give
·         Picture frames

Under $10
·         Collage of pictures- for friends, family, or a significant other
·         Funky ice trays- come in the shape of princess wands, skulls, you name it!
·         Scented candles
·         Scarf or gloves
·         Exotic teas or coffees- put together a small sample from your local grocery store
·         Nail polish- pick a fun color or the popular “crackle” polish by OPI
·         Disposable camera- it can be fun and exciting not knowing how pictures will turn out
·         Garden gifts- seeds, tools or gloves
·         Gourmet popcorn tins
·         Board games- brings out the kid in all of us
·         Cooler- perfect for tailgating!

Under $20
·         Tech friendly gloves to use with smart phones
·         Makeup- Sephora offers great gift packs during the holiday season
·         Earmuff headphones-can be found on gifts.com
·         Personalized makeup bags
·         Fold up emergency flats- perfect for the walk home after a long night out!
·         Funky phone cases- customize with pictures or designs.  MLB, NFL, etc. for guys, and pictures of friends, pets, or bright designs for girls
·         College survival cookbooks
·         Books- with so many genres, there is a book for everyone!
·         Stationary- many websites even allow you to personalize it
·         Personalized mouse pad, calendar, mug, luggage tags, business card holders- great for parents or friends in the workforce
·         Digital frame key chain
·         Funny shirts- check out donkeytees.com
·         Custom m&ms- get someone’s favorite NFL team, name, or even face on an m&m
·         Electronic over the door basketball hoop- you are never too old for some old school fun
·         Wallet or money clip
·         Personalized golf tees or golf balls


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