Friday, July 15, 2011

Top Ten: Summer Advising Lessons

Summer advising conferences may be over, but we gained some valuable insight through being a part of them. We share that here in our "Top Ten Things We Learned From Summer Advising." Enjoy!

10.       No matter what year you are, being at summer advising reminds you of the summer before your freshmen year.

9.       Dining Services really knows how to cook.

8.       UK departments come up with some pretty cool free stuff to give away.

7.       Parents and students all laugh when we tell them, “You can’t get extra credit for bringing in tissue boxes.” But it’s true.

6.       A lot of incoming students are on twitter. (Thanks for following @TheStudyScoop!)

5.       Tornado warnings or not, advising must go on! Luckily, no tornado appeared near campus that day.

4.       UK may be a big campus, but if you’re an upperclassman inside an advising conference you will probably see at least five people you know.

3.       Parking is free in the structure by Kennedy’s during summer advising conferences.  Everyone related to UK in any way loves taking advantage of this.

2.       Freshmen don’t have a clue about what college is like. Not all of us may remember feeling that way, but undoubtedly we did.  Moral of the story: Be nice to freshmen, because you were one once.

1.   The entire campus is thrilled to welcome the class of 2015 to campus. See you again in August wildcats!

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