Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Things Never Change...

June and July mark the beginning of a four-year journey for the incoming students flocking to campus for their summer advising conferences.  In speaking with some of these students and their parents over the past week, I have come to this realization: some things never change.

While on an individual basis these incoming students are undergoing drastic changes in independence and responsibility, they are going through the exact same transformation I experienced three years ago. This also happens to be the same transformation thousands of other students currently at UK experienced. If you’re an incoming student and nervous about coming to college, but excited about all the new people and opportunities waiting for you, you’re not alone.  

How you choose to channel that nervous excitement once you step on campus in August is what will set you apart from the other students feeling the exact same way you are. Will you let our large, bustling campus intimidate you? Or will you dive into student organizations, make lots of new friends, and have fun? 

Getting involved will certainly make your college experience more worthwhile. Campus will start to feel like your second home and you’ll make friends that could easily be mistaken for long-lost siblings. With a whole week dedicated to introducing you to the ins and outs of campus, start off your college career on the right foot by attending as many K-Week events as possible. Not only will you get a ton of free stuff, but you’ll instantly feel welcomed to the UK family.

Once classes begin, take advantage of opportunities to learn from upperclassmen that have been through the same struggles you may be facing. Having a hard time studying for your first Chemistry exam? Feeling overwhelmed by your math homework? Come to The Study and have one of our peer tutors help you through it. All of our tutors have successfully completed the courses they tutor, giving them a unique insight on the professors, exams, and assignments. Free of charge, you will get all the academic assistance you could ask for, and then some. With over 17,000 tutoring sessions held last year, when you visit The Study, you certainly won’t be alone.

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